Crossmark Policy

Jurnal Konstitusi is committed to maintaining the integrity and reliability of its published scholarly content. To demonstrate this commitment, the journal has implemented CrossMark, which allows readers to quickly identify if any updates or corrections have been made to the published articles. CrossMark is a multi-publisher initiative from CrossRef to provide transparency and ensure readers access the most up-to-date and accurate information.

  1. Crossmark Icon: Jurnal Konstitusi uses the Crossmark icon to indicate that the article has undergone updates or corrections. The icon will be prominently displayed on the journal's website and PDF version of the article.
  2. Identification of Updated Articles: When updates or corrections are made to an article, Jurnal Konstitusi will ensure that the Crossmark icon is clearly visible on the updated version. The icon will link to the Crossmark metadata page, which provides detailed information about the changes made to the article.
  3. Types of Updates or Corrections: Updates or corrections that warrant the use of the Crossmark icon include but are not limited to:
    • Errata: Corrections to errors or mistakes in the published article.
    • Addenda: Additional information that is relevant to the article and enhances its understanding.
    • Retractions: Formal withdrawals of articles due to fundamental flaws or ethical concerns.
    • Updates: Changes or revisions to the content that improve its accuracy or clarity.
  4. Crossmark Metadata Page: The Crossmark metadata page will contain information about the article, including the original publication details, any updates or corrections made, and links to related documents or supplementary materials. This page will be accessible via the Crossmark icon on the article's webpage.
  5. Timeliness of Updates: Jurnal Konstitusi is committed to promptly updating articles whenever necessary. Updates or corrections will be implemented as soon as possible after they have been identified and reviewed.
  6. Communication of Updates: Jurnal Konstitusi will communicate updates or corrections to the authors, readers, and relevant stakeholders. Notifications will be provided through the journal's website, email alerts, or other appropriate channels to ensure that the changes are widely disseminated.
  7. Archiving of Article Versions: Jurnal Konstitusi will maintain an archive of the original version of the article as well as any subsequent versions or updates. This ensures that the historical record of the article is preserved and accessible to readers.